January 2013 Newsletter

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Happy New Year Everyone! On January 14th, 2013, members of the Queens Chapter of the NSA gathered together to reflect on the role that stuttering plays in their life. As optional introductions began, it was clear that all attendees, new and old were genuinely pleased to be spending their time with other people who stutter, or how I like to refer to it, other people who “get it.” It is always empowering to witness firsthand the trust and reassurance PWS can give one another selflessly and graciously. Several attendees mentioned during introductions that they enjoyed coming to NSA meetings and they were already looking forward to the next one. Over the past four years, I have witnessed the overwhelming ease and comfort attendees exhibit during NSA meetings and this meeting was no different!


As the meeting progressed, one attendee posed the question “are job interviews seen as failures or do you grow from tough situations?” As persons who stutter, we may often feel like our stuttering outshines our personality on job interviews. We may become so anxious when advertising our stuttering, that we forgot to mention all of the amazing qualities we possess. In my personal experience, I relied on advertising early on in several interviews to reassure my potential employer(s) that yes, I am a person who stutters but stuttering does not define who I am and I am capable of meeting required expectations despite the fact I may get stuck on a word every now and then. One PWS stated that “self-doubt can prevent you from doing so much but in reality, you can do things you never thought you would do.” Another attendee agreed by saying “it is important for you to not let self-doubt get in the way of pursuing your dreams!”


Another topic mentioned at the meeting was the idea of acknowledging smaller challenges that we as PWS face on a daily basis such as ordering a cup of coffee or calling the parent of one of your students. One attendee who is a teacher shared that “although calling parents has gotten easier over the past few months, there is always an underlying anxious/nervous/excited feeling when making a phone call. I am so grateful to have my NSA family to relate to when phone calls don’t always go as planned. During any challenge that you may face, while it is not always easy, remember that stuttering is not who you are, it is a small part of the person that you are. As the meeting came to a close, one attendee summed up this idea perfectly by saying that “if you’re confident in who you are, stuttering will not prevail!”


The Queens Chapter of the NSA would like to thank their sponsors Starbucks and Fat Boys Pizza of Fresh Meadows for their delicious treats at their meetings. They are happy to share that the National Stuttering Association is holding their annual conference this year from July 3rd to July 7th in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information about this conference, please visit www.westutter.org. FRIENDS (The National Association of Young People who Stutter) is holding their annual conference this year from July 18th to July 20th in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information about this conference, please visit http://www.friendswhostutter.org. We hope to see you there!


Be sure to check the website for upcoming events and meetings. Also, take a look at our pictures from our Holiday Party at Bourbon Street in Bayside, N.Y.. Until next time, don’t be afraid to be a fruitloop in a world of cheerios. Stay strong and stutter beautifully!




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  • David Kuwa

    September 12th, 2013 on 3:11 am

    Great work you are doing.I would wish to start awareness in kenya because there is great need.
    I stutter and so i know what challenges people especially children who stutter go through.
    I’d request advice and information on the same.

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