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The latest Letting Go (NSA’s National Newsletter) features a story by our very own Nina Z. titled, Leadership Through Inspiration  and also a blurb about the Queens 2nd Annual Mets Outing.  In addition it has a story about the Queens Chapter and what we’ve done this year.    Below is a copy of the story about our chapter, but I encourage you to go to the source itself to see Nina’s stories and all the rest of them.

Click here to read the current issue of Letting Go – NSA National newsletter [PDF]

Busy year for Queens and King’s

Approaching their third anniversary, the Queens, NY Chapter ended their summer with three events – Friends & Family Night in which nearly 30 people attended; the second annual New York Mets outing in which 80 attendees got to hang out and witness two Met wins (see Nina’s article); and q 4-minute feature story on the WPIX News.  Having fun while educating others is nothing new to this active bunch.  This chapter, like many others, has been at the forefront of this past year’s media explosion about stuttering, and they have The King’s Speech to thank for accurately bringing the experience of stuttering to the big screen.

Members of the Queens chapter were big fans of The King’s Speech from the start.  Several members had the opportunity to attend the New York City premiere of the film and see eventual Oscar-winners: actor, Colin Firth; director, Thomas Hopper; and screenwriter, Dave Seidler; along with others.  Conversation with Mr. Seidler after the premiere, gave us a glimpse of his charm, his humbleness, and how much the stuttering community meant to him.

In the months following the movie’s release, the Queens chapter was one of many chapters that rose to the occasion to help fuel the media fire about stuttering awareness.  Several articles were written about the Queens group or included perspectives of its members.  Media coverage included: two articles by the in New York Daily News (group, member), and articles by the Times Tribune, MSNBC.com, and New York MetroParents.  The Queens chapter’s big moment was when they were featured on the nationally syndicated television program, Inside Edition.

On Oscar night members congregated to watch and celebrate The King’s Speech’s six wins.  Weeks later the chapter hosted two viewings of The King’s Speech at St. John’s University.  Both viewings were followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with chapter members.  Members also participated as panelists at professional seminars, other film viewings about stuttering, and have had steady gigs at graduate fluency classes in the area.

During the summer over a dozen Queens’ members flocked to the NSA conference in Fort Worth, TX where they joined more than 800 others in the self-help stuttering community to hear great keynote speeches from former NFL quarterback, Neal Jeffrey, and their screenwriter hero, David Seidler.   Members that were new to the conference were thrilled to see that the enthusiasm and chemistry that we had on a local level was also there on a national level.

One reporter’s reference to the Queens group as “a mini-United Nations” illustrates their diversity and how the experience of stuttering helps bring them together to support each other.  Their ability to keep members while gaining the trust of new ones can be attributed to how the members encourage each other and how they create a forum in which those who are willingness to talk about their stutter can do so.  The launching of their new website (www.nsaqueens.org) has also helped in community outreach efforts.   Meetings often go beyond their scheduled times, while friendships go beyond the meeting room.  They simply enjoy each other’s company and are enthusiastic about welcoming more people to their unique bunch.  The Queens chapter continues to improve and grow.  Over the last year they have averaged between 15-20 people per meeting.  They look forward to a year of more socializing activities with other chapters, while continuing their regularly scheduled meetings.


Mitch Trichon

Queens Chapter

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