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March 2010

April 01, 2010  |   Newsletter   |   0 Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow! Now that we just had another storm it's time to "dig out" and to to our Monday meeting for some more good times, great stories, and inspiring conversation . I noticed a common theme that arose during our last meeting. People kept sharing frustrating experiences about listeners who just “didn’t get it” or interviewers who didn’t even want to meet face to face, instead judging someone based on a phone conversation alone. Another person who stutters (PWS) shared an experience at work in which a ...

February 2010

March 01, 2010  |   Newsletter   |   0 Comments

I hope everyone is doing well. Before we get to John's monthly newsletter/meeting reminder I'd like to let you know that Nina has posted another blog on our site. She really does have an amazing story to share and she tells it so well. Please take the time to read her most recent blog called, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.". Please feel free to ...

Never Let the Fear of Striking Out Keep You from Playing the Game

February 23, 2010  |   Members' Blog - Stuttering Perspectives   |   0 Comments

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." We as persons who stutter are faced with the everyday challenge of the unknown. Will the words flow smoothly? Or will there be a block on every word we try to say? As much as we try to prepare ourselves to be calm and talk slowly, there is always that possibility that our stuttering has different plans for us. My high school graduation was one of those days where my stuttering decided to surprise me but in the end, ...

January 2010

February 01, 2010  |   Newsletter   |   0 Comments

Hope everyone had a very Happy and Joyous Holiday Season and may 2010 be filled With Health and Success! Let’s get the New Year started off right! Yes, it’s that time of the year again, time to make our resolutions that for some reason are so hard to keep. Well, how about a new one this year? Anyone who hasn’t attended a meeting yet knows exactly what I’m talking about.  That’s right, “step out of your comfort zone”, come out and share your story, or just come to “hang out” and ...

We Are Not Alone

January 17, 2010  |   Members' Blog - Stuttering Perspectives   |   0 Comments

It is important for us stutterers to realize we are not alone. While we face the everyday struggles of blocks, pauses and funny faces, we must remember there are others out there who face the same challenges. At the NSA Queens chapter meeting at St. John’s University, we come together to share our insights and experiences with one another. We can relate to each other in a way that no one else can. We know what it’s like to stand in front of a large group of people, start to ...

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