NSA Member Philip Garber Takes a Stand to Have His Voice Heard

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Philip Garber Jr photo, NSA member

Philip Garber Jr, 16-year old student at County College of Morris (NJ), fellow stutterer and NSA member was urged not to speak in class by his professor, adjunct Elizabeth Snyder. Despite once keeping his hand raised for an entire 75-minute session, Prof. Snyder did not call on him. Afterward, she e-mailed Philip, suggesting that he send his questions before or after class, in the interest of the other students’ time. After Philip reported the issue to the dean, he successfully transferred to another teacher’s class, where he has been able to participate once again. It is unclear what actions, if any, have been taken to reprimand Ms. Snyder for her actions in dealing with Mr. Garber. Below are several major television/news sites that tell the complete story, including video coverage.

TV/News Stories About Philip Garber

What are your thoughts on Professor Snyder’s actions in dealing with Philip? For professors, teachers, and anyone in a role of influence over young minds, how would you have dealt with this situation? This is an important conversation and we would love to hear your comments. Please submit your comments below.

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