October Newsletter 2014

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Happy Fall Everyone! I would like to start off by saying thank you to those of you who attended the Yankee Game on September 20th, 2014. We had a great turn out and a great time was had by all. If you were unable to attend, we hope to see you at our next meeting and/or upcoming winter events. The Queens Chapter of the NSA held their monthly meeting on Monday, October 6th, 2014. Old and new members expressed their understanding and compassion towards one another by agreeing that they have exhibited progress towards accepting their stuttering since attending the group. The meeting kicked off with optional introductions, followed by a discussion of the pros and cons of therapy. One attendee shared that while therapy doesn’t help her after a while, she does feel it is useful if discussing how stuttering makes you feel, along with practicing techniques that you can apply in the “real world.” Another PWS (person who stutters) added on that therapy gave him the confidence to speak in public and remember that being quiet isn’t always a good thing. The group decided that it is important for speech therapists to understand stuttering, and ...

June 2014 Newsletter

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Happy Summer Everyone! The Queens Chapter of the NSA met on Monday, June 2nd at QCC to discuss their journey through life as persons who stutter. The calming atmosphere of NSA meetings still amaze me after all of this time. It doesn't matter the distance or time in between meetings but they truly feel like a relaxing place to be. As the meeting got underway, one of our members discussed his struggle at the work place with employees in regards to his stuttering. We all came together to support him and offer him suggestions as to go about having his voice heard and his opinion count! Many of us may encounter individuals or groups of people that are simply misinformed or uneducated about exactly what stuttering is. Some may say that it is our job to educate these people so they are more understanding towards the next person they meet. Granted, we may be hurt by their words or actions but by taking a stand and expressing ourselves we are representing all persons who stutter and in my opinion, that is the ultimate goal. Another topic that was discussed was the idea of stressful situations and ...

May 2014 Newsletter

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I’m so glad to say that Queens is BACK! On Monday, May 5th, the Queens Chapter of the NSA met to discuss life as a person who stutters. Despite the length of time, it was as refreshing as ever to hear our members share that the meetings help them to cope with being a person who stutters and that they are reminded that they are not alone in this journey we call life. After introductions, the group discussed the idea of tension related to stuttering and where it may be located such as in your jaw, throat, cheekbones, etc. The group agreed that tension comes and goes and varies from place to place, depending on the situation and whom they are talking to. This topic correlated well to the idea that PWS often spend so much time analyzing situations before they happen that they psych themselves out. In reality, the situation will always pass and we will get through but in the moment, we tend to feel the pressure and tense up. In addition, we sometimes do not give our listeners enough credit in terms of being understanding versus judgmental. Often times, when/if we advertise ...

Reminder: Queens is back! Join us on 5/5/2014

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Hi Everyone! This is just a reminder that the Queens Chapter of the NSA is having a meeting tomorrow, Monday, May 5th at 7pm at Queens Borough Community College in room M140. If you are traveling by car please visit: Visitors to campus should enter and must register with the Public Safety officer at the Main Gate (Lot #1) on 56th Avenue. The Public Safety officer will direct visitors to parking, if available. If you are traveling by public transportation please visit: If you plan on attending this meeting, please RSVP to me at I hope to see you there!!! -Nina

NSA Queens is Back! Join Us!

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Hi Everyone! I'm SO happy to announce that the Queens Chapter is hosting a meeting on Monday, May 5th at our New Location: QueensBorough Community College. The meeting will start at 7PM in room M140 in the Medical Arts Building. The college is located at 222-05 56th Ave. Bayside, NY 11361 The directions to the college are as follows: If you are traveling by car please visit: Visitors to campus should enter and must register with the Public Safety officer at the Main Gate (Lot #1) on 56th Avenue. The Public Safety officer will direct visitors to parking, if available. If you are traveling by public transportation please visit: If you plan on attending this meeting, please RSVP to me at I hope to see you there!!! -Nina

February/March 2013 Newsletter

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With spring in the air, the members of the Queens Chapter of the NSA have gathered twice over the past two months to discuss the role that stuttering plays in their life. Although I have said this many times, I still find it rewarding and humbling to see the joy and relief in the faces of all of the attendees. There is a sense of peace and clarity at our meetings that is truly a once in a lifetime feeling. It is frequently captured during optional introductions. For example, one PWS shared that his “stutter buddies” often allow him to feel comfortable and conquer any stuttering situation that comes his way. During our past two meetings, the topics of conversation have included discussions on fluency as a means of acceptance and the giant and chains complex. We also briefly discussed recurring topics such as acceptance and dating as a PWS. Although most of us may find it difficult to find a “fluent rhythm,” we must ask ourselves whether fluency or acceptance is what we are striving for. While I agree that fluency would allow you to order a cheeseburger rather than a steak, or make an important phone call rather than ...

March 2012 Newsletter

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With spring in the air, the Queens Chapter of the NSA met on Monday, March 12th to discuss their journey through life as persons who stutter (PWS). Every meeting seems to have a similar underlying tone of appreciation and comfort and this meeting was no different. Attendees had the pleasure of hearing from three young teens who stutter. It was truly inspirational to hear their positive attitude and outlook on stuttering, especially at such a young age. As the meeting progressed, the teens continued to amaze all of those who were in attendance. The first topic discussed at the meeting was the idea of having low self-esteem as a PWS. One teen shared that she used to have low self-esteem due to her stuttering but she has realized that stuttering is nothing to be ashamed of. I personally could not have said it better myself. While we all may feel ashamed or embarrassed at one time or another, stuttering is a part of who we are and we have the unconditional support of the National Stuttering Association to remind us that we are not alone. Although the NSA is there to support us, many people, including myself find ...

February 2012 Newsletter

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With love in the air, the Queens Chapter of the NSA met on Monday, February 13th to share their experiences with stuttering. The meeting brought together new and returning PWS to discuss topics such as having a family member who stutters, thinking of stuttering as a journey, the response of our listeners and considering using stuttering as a conversation starter. During optional introductions, there always seems to be an attendee who sums up our meetings perfectly and this meeting was no different. An attendee shared that he credits the group for helping him come out of his comfort zone and advertise his stuttering. I can’t think of a better way to depict the NSA and our monthly meetings. I hope that all of you readers feel this way at some point but if you need support, feel free to attend our next meeting on March 13th. We would love to stutter beautifully with you.   As the meeting started, attendees discussed if they had a family member who stutters. The majority of attendees who stutter shared that they had at least one other family member who stutters. Research has shown that if you stutter, there is a 50% chance that you have a ...

January 2012 Newsletter

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Happy New Year Everyone! On January 23rd the Queens Chapter of the NSA met to discuss the positive and negative ways stuttering affects their everyday lives. It still amazes me to see a group of people, from different walks of life come together to support each other due to one single factor: stuttering. There are not too many places you can go to meet other PWS who “get it.” One NSA member summed it up perfectly by saying that “the meetings are a place for me to recharge my batteries and remember that I am not alone.” Another attendee mentioned that meetings were like therapy for him because he is able to vent about his frustrations regarding stuttering. It is important to remember that stuttering is a shared experience. If you are reading this and feel alone, please know that you are not! There is a stuttering support group in your area that is willing to welcome you with open arms. As the meeting progressed, one attendee mentioned the idea of being an “inspirational person who stutters.” She mentioned that when people called her an inspiration, she felt like they were pointing out that she was not “normal.” Another attendee shared ...

December Newsletter

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Happy December Everyone! Despite being the most wonderful time of the year, the Queens Chapter of the NSA was able to meet on Tuesday, December 6th at St. John’s University to discuss the many challenges of being a PWS. The chapter was enthused to hear that 3 first-timers found their way to the Queens Chapter by searching the web. This goes to show that support is truly just a mouse click away! During the opening words, someone suggested that “NSA meetings are the best spot in the tri-state area to give speaking a shot since we have all experienced it and no one is here to judge us.” I couldn’t have said it better myself and as the night progressed, it became very clear that all attendees felt a sense of ease and encouragement at the meeting. Several attendees mentioned during the optional introductions that they have been using the word “um” very frequently. Another person stated that “likes and ums help me to get to the next word.” Throughout my journey with stuttering, I have also found that I use the word “um” as a filler when I want to say something but I am at a literal loss for words. ...

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