February 2011 – Updates & Events

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Few more notes: Check our Nina's newest blog entry. For those of you who missed or didn't know here's the link to our appearance on Inside Edition. Watch here: CBS Sunday Morning News had a great piece on stuttering this past weekend. Watch here: Queens Parent (NY Metro Parent) came out with an article on stuttering. Read it here. Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 8:00pm – Manhattan, NY; Going with the Flow: A Guide to Transcending Stuttering; Film screening, followed by discussion with P. and U. Schneider, and I. Barsky. Thursday, February 10, 2011 - About Fluency class.

January 2011

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Looking for a warm place to get you out of the cold? Need a break from the everyday grind we all seem to get caught up in? How about checking out a place where you will hear countless stories of courage, fortitude, compassion and empathy? If you are a person who stutters (PWS), you will be amazed how quickly the itch to challenge yourself will arise. Well, I can assure you from first hand experience that you can experience all of this in one place, the Queens Chapter of the NSA. Our meetings have transformed themselves into somewhat of a family gathering. The best part is that every month the family gets bigger and bigger. At our last meeting, many topics were discussed, one of them being different ways that people use our meetings. Some mentioned how the meetings were a form of therapy, while others likened the meetings to a place they come to just hang out and catch up with old friends. If you feel like you have reached a point in your speech where trying something new could expand your comfort zone. Another topic revolved around the fear of the perception of our listeners. We discussed how we all ...

[Video] Inside Edition Segment with NSA Queens Chapter

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Inside Edition segment - NSA Queens Chapter Fellow NSA Queens member Karan tracked down the video of the segment Inside Edition put together with our chapter. Watch it below!

Special Meeting with Inside Edition

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The television program Inside Edition was working on a story related to The King's Speech and stuttering. Fortunately, they were open to listening to a variety of perspectives regarding the movie, the impact of stuttering, and how attending self-help activities can be helpful. Various members of the Queens Chapter of the National Stuttering Association represented us well. I have total confidence that we as a chapter provided them with GREAT material for them to piece together a GREAT story. I'd like to thank those of you who were able to participate in this very important display of what it is like to be a part of self-help activities for people who stutter. More research has been coming out showing the benefits self-help participation. This story will be shown to a national audience and has the potential to influence the lives of people who stutter throughout the country. I believe we represented some of what happens at self-help groups for people who stutter. I am confident that other chapters of the National Stuttering Association will agree. Congrats to all of us for taking such a risk to help educate people about stuttering. I will let you know when I find out about when ...

December 2010

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Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone is finished shoveling by Monday so you will not miss out on the meeting. Somehow I feel like it would take more then snow to keep people away from our meetings. It’s amazing how this chapter is over two years old and whether we know someone from one meeting or 20 meetings we still learn so much from each other. One of my favorite parts is the “Introductions” because I always have the privilege of meeting someone for the first time. Then comes the priceless look on their face when they realize how different and courageous and comforting a place they are in for the next few hours. Last meeting, some great topics were brought up such as how and when to advertise or disclose our stuttering to someone or even a group of people. The topic of advertising or disclosing their stuttering was discussed. Had anyone had a negative experience? How should we handle such a delicate situation? This lead us right into the idea of pity vs. teasing. Which is the worse of two evils? A few people agreed that seeing the humor in stuttering is important, while others stated they ...

November 2010

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On November 15, 2010, the Queens Chapter of the NSA celebrated its 2nd Anniversary with over 20 people attending the meeting. I knew immediately it was going to be a special night because of all the new faces in the room. There were no fewer than 8 first timers who inspired all throughout the meeting by sharing and caring like never before. I have attended every meeting, (24 in all) and I can truly say if not the best ever, it was right up there. I felt so privileged and special to be a part of a meeting that seemed to inspire lots of participation and for people to take chances like I’ve never seen before. I really truly feel that it is no accident or coincidence that people who stutter (PWS) seem to want to share and inspire others to share in our meetings at an amazing rate. There is no secret! The secret is all the people reading this newsletter right now. It’s no coincidence that at 8:30 when we formally end our meetings no one moves. I hope everyone reading this understands how special a place we’ve built together, if you attended our last meeting you know ...

October 2010

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Should we worry about what others think? How do people who stutter (PWS) feel when they hear “slow down”? How do different countries and cultures treat PWS? Are people really listening when you talk to them? Is there more male than female PWS? Are there medications for stuttering? These were just a few of the many interesting questions asked and discussed at our last meeting. How long you think it would take to sit down and research so many different questions and topics? Now, imagine hearing different views on all these questions and more from actual PWS and speech-language pathologists(SLPs) all at the same time during the same discussion. If you are a PWS, you don’t have to imagine............COME TO A MEETING AND FEEL THE LOVE! The great thing is you can use the meetings in whatever way you want. You may choose to just listen and learn. You may want to share to inspire others to share. You may want to support or just be supported. The best part is listening to all the different viewpoints from each person. Not surprisingly, I hear something new almost every meeting that I’ve never heard or thought of before. Wow, I can’t believe ...

September 2010

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Wow, I can’t believe how inspiring our last meeting was, not to mention how it carried over to the Met game as well. When I think of how the meeting started and finished, I can’t hold back the smile! To think for a second that a first timer stepped up and felt great about it: That’s what these meetings are all about! There was so much great discussion steeping out of the shell and taking chances. Some people expressed how it takes time, but the reward is so worth it. The national conferences came up, so I decided to share how it took me 5 conferences to get the nerve to try my hand at open mic. WOW- talk about the risk being worth the reward! We talked about how working with a competent person who stutters (PWS) is much better than an incompetent person who does not stutter. What happened next was just so awesome and awe inspiring that I still get goose bumps just writing about it. Anyone who was there knows what I’m referring to. We were lucky enough that one of our friends decided to share a great story, and what an ending! WOW! All I ...

Queens Chapter to See ‘The King’s Speech’

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The official release of the movie will be Nov. 26th. The Queens Chapter (possibly more) will have also have a group outing to see the movie together after the official release of the movie. Anyone that is interested in helping to organize this event please contact me at I hope everyone had a great International Stuttering Awareness Day on Oct. 22. Happy 2nd Birthday NSA-Queens!! Mitch

Upcoming Meetings – Summer 2010

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In order to work around other stuttering-related events, the next two meeting days needed to be changed. Our plan is as follows: Monday, June 28th (NOT July 5th - to accommodate our conference attendees) Monday, August 2nd (regular schedule) Other than that, hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Do you need a break from the sweltering heat? Why not come “chill” with some “cool” people and share a laugh or a smile? How about a change of pace? A place to get away from the everyday chaos that seems to take over our lives so quickly? I can honestly say that the Queens Chapter of the NSA is my monthly getaway. Although the time always flies by and we ALWAYS stay late cause the conversations are so amazing and interesting, I can’t say enough how much I enjoy being a part of something so special. Anyone who is reading this and has attended knows what I’m talking about. Our time together is so powerful and inspiring to me in so many different ways. Unfortunately for me, I had to leave our last meeting early. Needless to say I was NOT happy. Inevitably, when the time came to start writing this newsletter, I couldn’t think ...

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