June 2014 Newsletter

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Happy Summer Everyone! The Queens Chapter of the NSA met on Monday, June 2nd at QCC to discuss their journey through life as persons who stutter. The calming atmosphere of NSA meetings still amaze me after all of this time. It doesn’t matter the distance or time in between meetings but they truly feel like a relaxing place to be.

As the meeting got underway, one of our members discussed his struggle at the work place with employees in regards to his stuttering. We all came together to support him and offer him suggestions as to go about having his voice heard and his opinion count! Many of us may encounter individuals or groups of people that are simply misinformed or uneducated about exactly what stuttering is. Some may say that it is our job to educate these people so they are more understanding towards the next person they meet. Granted, we may be hurt by their words or actions but by taking a stand and expressing ourselves we are representing all persons who stutter and in my opinion, that is the ultimate goal.

Another topic that was discussed was the idea of stressful situations and how they impact our speech and our overall opinion of stuttering. One member shared that while fluency is not her goal, she has been very dis-fluent lately and it is frustrating and stressful for her day to day. With the summer approaching, she said she is hoping things will slow down at work and she will have time to relax and reflect on the past year. For me, my “stuttering pattern” is unknown and it can be frustrating because occasionally, sounds or words that I usually can ease into become difficult. I’m sure many of you can relate to this since stuttering seems to surprise us at different times of our day/week/life but I try to remind myself of my stuttering family who knows what I am going through and that helps me tremendously.

As the meeting came to a close, the members expressed their excitement towards the upcoming annual NSA conference. It is being held in Washington, D.C. from July 2nd to July 6th. If you would like more information about the conference, please visit www.westutter.org. We will not be hosting a meeting during the month of July due to the conference but we will see you again in August at our new location! I hope you have a wonderful summer and I hope to see many of you at the conference in a few weeks! Until next time, don’t be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios. Stay strong and stutter beautifully!

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