Next Meeting: Septermber 13, 2010

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Mitch: How do you put that last meeting into words?!! Good luck John!

John: Good question Mitch! How do you put that amazing meeting into words? I can tell you from my experience (about 22 meetings all with NSA Queens) that I was simply blown away. I began to think of how to answer Mitch’s question over a week ago, and quickly figured out the answer: It’s not about all the talk about being more open about stuttering (advertising) and all the questions that came with it. When do we advertise? How do we advertise? Are certain situations better than others to advertise? It’s not about being mad or confused about why people who don’t stutter don’t know what to say or how to act. I realized it’s about everyone in that room (24 PEOPLE, 8 FIRST TIMERS) pulling for each other. It’s about NO ONE wanting to leave until we basically announced, “You don’t have to leave, but you can’t stay in this room.” It’s about the power in numbers and the want and desire of everyone there to learn, listen, encourage and empower each other. It really is true that we are not alone, together we are strong.

We also heard a little bit about the NSA conference in Cleveland and the Friends conference in Chicago. As always people shared great stories and I’m sure there will be more of that at the next meeting.

As different and unique as we all are, stuttering bonds us, but doesn’t define us. It is only a piece of us. It also empowers us with the choice to help other people who stutter and people who may not understand stuttering. It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting!!

Make sure to check out Nina’s new blog entries….The trouble with stuttering is… AND Keep Holding On (A Post-Conference Reflection). They truly are a MUST READ FOR ALL! Thanks Nina!

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