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Local Events

  • The King’s Speech and  Stuttering Forum at St. John’s University – The Queens Chapter of the NSA is hosting two private screening of ‘The King’s Speech’ at St. John’s University – The Little Theatre (400 capacity). This will be held on Wednesday, April 6th. Showings will be at 12:30pm and 4:00pm(see original email for attachment). This will be a very important date for us. It will be the first mass effort to publicize our group on campus and I believe it is best to do so having already established such a successful group. It would be amazing to have some of us at this outing. Please arrive well before the planned time of the showing.Following the movie, there will be a 30-minute Stuttering Forum for students to ask a select few people who stutter from our group and one speech-language pathologist who specializes in fluency disorders. I encourage your attendance at one or both of these events, but of course I understand that this is during the work day and may be difficult for some of you to attend. If you are interested in being a panel speaker to answer questions for this audience, please email me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (trichonm@stjohns.edu), with the understanding that only 2-3 people can be selected. In addition, I also need people to RSVP for this event so I can reserve seats. This is a first-come, first-serve university event.
  • Friends Workshop on Long Island –Members of the Queens Chapter will be attending the April 16th Friends (The National Association of Young People Who Stutter) Workshop in Brookville, NY on Long Island. This event typically caters to younger people who stutter, but is also an amazing event for adults. It gives us an opportunity to show kids that they are not alone and that they can succeed as an adult who stutters.Some of us who have already gone to Friends events will also say how inspiring it is and how much personal gain they get from listening to kids who have amazing courage and perspectives of their own communication skills. There is a cost to register: $40 for individuals (before 4/1) , $25 for students (see original email for attachment for details). We may be able to assist with transportation for this event. Contact John at john@damelio.com to inquire.

Other Conferences & Events

  • NSA Conference(Fort Worth, TX) – July 6-10. There is a Research Symposium taking place July 5-6.Now is the time to consider going to the 2011 NSA Conference in Fort Worth, TX. Early bird rate for hotel rooms are $124 until April 1st and not much more after April 1. Go to http://westutter.org/connect/conferences.html to see the NEW conference promotion video to get a glimpse. This webpage also has links to other information about the conference including registration. Come join the block of us that are already attending. We may have extra reason to celebrate as our chapter has the potential to be recognized as the 2011 Chapter of the Year. The King’s Speech, Oscar winning screen-writer, David Seidler will be one of the keynote speakers. Scholarships are available and have been used by members of our chapter. Contact Tammy at 1-800-WE STUTTER (937-8888).
  • Friends Conference– The National Association of Young People Who Stutter (Washington, DC) – July 21-24Make sure to visit www.friendswhostutter.org for more information about the Friends Conference and a promotional video. Several members of our chapter will also be in attendance. David Seidler, Oscar-winning screenwriter of ‘The King’s Speech’, will be one of the keynote speakers. Scholarships are available. Contact Lee at 1-866-866-8335.
  • Speak Easy International (New Jersey) – late April. If interested, please ask about details.
  • Our Time Theatre Company – Charity Gala – April 11 at 7pm. Tickets begin at $150. Please visit www.ourtimestutter.org for more information.

Latest News

  • June Meeting
    Hi Everyone! Just a reminder that the Queens Chapter will be meeting tomorrow at 7pm at Panera Bread in Bayside in the back room. I hope to see you there! -Nina
  • June Queens Meeting
    Hi Everyone! Due to a scheduling conflict out of my control, our Queens Chapter meeting for the month of June has been changed to Monday, June 11th. Same time and place! ...