April 2010

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Spring has FINALLY Sprung! After a long, harsh winter of snow and rain, it’s time to warm up! What better way than to come out and get together with your local NSA family.

At our last meeting we talked about some of our most recent challenges and how we handled them. We also talked about the new study that was published about genetics and how specific locations have been identified on genes in some people who stutter (PWS). This is one of the most significant findings in stuttering research in a long time. This is of course excluding Heather’s research which we will be learning about and playing with in the near future. It was interesting to hear the different perspectives on this topic. Some felt a sense of confirmation of something they suspected for a long time, others expressed how it would help therapists treat PWS, and still others felt a sense of relief to know there is evidence of a genetic basis to stuttering in some people.

Other intriguing topics were covered as well; from the everyday challenges we all face, to the special encounters such as the ones we face at work meetings (or in school). People wondered aloud how conversing with a person who stutters can affect the listener. What is the listener thinking? Are PWS more sensitive to stuttering? Why is it difficult for PWS to bring up the topic of stuttering? It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting. Hope to see you all there!!

Oh, by the way, we already know of a few new people that will be attending our next meeting. All of them are inspiring. We look forward to welcoming them. We also have some old-timers (a year and a half-ago that may possibly pay us a visit). Who will be in the cast of characters for our April meeting? See you all there.

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