December 2010

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Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone is finished shoveling by Monday so you will not miss out on the meeting. Somehow I feel like it would take more then snow to keep people away from our meetings. It’s amazing how this chapter is over two years old and whether we know someone from one meeting or 20 meetings we still learn so much from each other. One of my favorite parts is the “Introductions” because I always have the privilege of meeting someone for the first time. Then comes the priceless look on their face when they realize how different and courageous and comforting a place they are in for the next few hours.

Last meeting, some great topics were brought up such as how and when to advertise or disclose our stuttering to someone or even a group of people. The topic of advertising or disclosing their stuttering was discussed. Had anyone had a negative experience? How should we handle such a delicate situation? This lead us right into the idea of pity vs. teasing. Which is the worse of two evils? A few people agreed that seeing the humor in stuttering is important, while others stated they prefer teasing because pity made them feel socially inferior. What about teasing from a close family member? How can humor play a role in our perceptions? I think the most important message I took from our discussion was that we are all different. I feel it is important to understand that everyone reacts and feels differently about the same things. We control our own feelings, no one else can tell us how to feel. Along the same lines, we can advertise and educate to others, but at the end of the day we have a choice about the way that others can make us feel.

So in case you missed our 2nd Anniversary, (24th meeting last month) don’t sweat it cause you can still help us celebrate our Silver Anniversary- 25 meetings!!!! I promise anyone who is thinking of coming, you will love this group of people and you’ll discover what makes this monthly meeting magical!

Thank you to everyone for making our meetings such a great place to share, listen and support! As different and unique as we all are, stuttering bonds us, but doesn’t define us. It is only a piece of us and we chose how it can shape us. It also gives us the insight and can fuel the courage which often is empowering to the next person who reaches out. It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting.

Hope to see you at the next meeting,

John D.

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