February 2011

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When I was thinking about what to write for this month’s newsletter, one word kept coming to mind, buzz! Our group has really been buzzing lately, and at the same time giving great exposure to the world of stuttering, especially in our area. First the Inside Edition cameras and producers came and then at our last meeting, the Daily News writers and photographers. Wow, I can’t stop thinking of how cool it was to be in the newspaper, but more important than that how much exposure an article like that gives stuttering. As if the great article about our group wasn’t enough, “The King’s Speech” then goes on to win FOUR Oscars the same day the article ran. When I stop and think of what a great year it has been for stuttering I get chills all over because it is truly remarkable! The best thing about all this is that anyone reading this can come and feel the buzz at any of our meeting because every month just gets better and better. If you’ve been thinking about joining the family, no better time then the present.

At our last meeting, many topics were discussed, one of them being different ways that people use our meetings. It is very important to point out that our meetings are everything and anything you want them to be. A certain PWS may see it as therapy, while another may come just to listen and meet new people. There is no right or wrong here. Anyone who decides to come should know it is simply what you want it to be and nothing else. A good analogy was made at our last meeting; look at it like a department store where you only buy what you want from certain departments you like. Another important point that came up is the idea that our group’s number 1 priority is that nothing leaves that room where we meet. Think of it as a sanctuary of private thoughts and moments and anyone considering coming should know our sanctuary is a very safe place to share.

Another topic revolved around the listeners.  Do we take up to much of their time? Do they have enough patience to hear us out? These are the types of questions that consistently arise at the meetings. There is no right or wrong, just good to hear different perspectives from people who have been through it before I’ve heard PWS express frustration with therapy, coming to a group meeting could be a happy medium. It allows you the freedom to share as you wish while listening and supporting at same time. It offers a unique opportunity to see that we are not alone! That’s why I would encourage anyone who has been thinking about coming, but may have anxiety about that first time to give it a shot. Try to be more proactive about your stutter by giving a meeting a shot! You might surprise yourself! Don’t stand in the background waiting, stand up and be a king!

Thank you to everyone for making our meetings such a great place to share, listen and support!  As different and unique as we all are, stuttering bonds us, but doesn’t define us.  It is only a piece of us and we chose how it can shape us.  It also gives us the insight and can fuel the courage which often is empowering to the next person who reaches out. It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting.

Hope to see you at the next meeting,

John D.

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