July 2011

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The conferences have come and gone, summer is in full swing and here we are. I remember thinking when I walked in to our last meeting just how amazing that 17 people showed up in the middle of summer. It really speaks volumes that people want to come no matter when or how and just how important and special our meetings are. Our new website, currently being created by Rob with content from Nina, Mitch, and myself, will include conference photos (please send your photos to trichonm@stjohns.edu), but I’m sure you’ll hear a bit more about it as those who attended get off their conference buzz.

As I sit here thinking about our last meeting and all the topics that came up, its important to mention the main theme that comes up meeting after meeting and time and again. The love and support and sharing that goes on is just so tangible and comes through at each and every meeting that you can feel it. It gives people the confidence to share. People brought up topics such as self acceptance, the idea that without confirming you are a PWS, you cannot conquer it. Remember that conquering stuttering could mean something different for each of us. Do we not care what people think or do we THINK we don’t care. Another PWS mentioned that he used to wonder how people perceive him, now he realizes how he perceives others. Are we over thinking it? Some people are hesitant to talk because of false perceptions created in their own mind. Its when we step out of our comfort zone that we truly experience what others think and feel. As people who stutter (PWS), we sometimes feel like we need to prove something to others, but we actually only need our own self-approval. I must say the most enjoyable part of last month’s meeting was when someone just wanted to say THANK YOU, he just felt the need to thank everyone for changing his life. Wow, what could be more inspirational than that. It’s always great to see familiar, as well as new faces too, so come join us in the FUN!

We as PWS are all different and unique in our own ways. One thing we all seem to have in common is that being together in that room once a month breeds confidence, understanding, love, support, friendship, laughter, trust, and many more great emotions, to many to list! Thank you to everyone for making our meetings such a great place to share, listen and support! As different and unique as we all are, stuttering bonds us, but doesn’t define us. It is only a piece of us and we chose how it can shape us. It also gives us the insight and can fuel the courage which often is empowering to the next person who reaches out. It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to sign up right away for the NY Mets event August 29th (game starts at 7:10pm). Click here.



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