June 2011

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My last newsletter started with a question to anyone who has ever CONSIDERED an NSA Queens Chapter meeting; Why not now? Why not come out and hear all about what you could expect might happen at the NSA Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Well, if last month didn’t work for you, I have one better. This month’s meeting will include some talk about what took place. I can speak from first hand experience that you will hear people at our meeting talking about LIFE CHANGING experiences and friendships. I can only think of one meeting that could possibly be more inspiring, confidence building, and emotionally uplifting than last month’s meeting…….This month’s POST CONFERENCE RE-CAP! This year’s conference was the largest ever (850 people) and it was simply amazing!! David Siedler (screenwriter of “The King’s Speech”) shared some of his life story. Regarding our chapter, we had 13 people from our group attending and were being considered for “Chapter of the Year”. More detail to come for those who are interested.

At our last meetings, a lot of discussion was focused on the idea of advertising our stuttering to others, or better yet, the listener. Some different views about advertising were brought up. Some people shared that advertising would make them feel “too” comfortable in the stutter and therefore they were opposed to advertising. Others expressed that they feel more in control when they advertise and being in control makes them feel more at ease about their stuttering. It is important to note that as far as advertising goes, it all depends on each individuals goals and feelings about how to get there. If a person who stutters (PWS) goal is fluency, they may be in totally different place then someone who’s goal is self- acceptance.

We as PWS are all different and unique in our own ways. One thing we all seem to have in common is that being together in that room once a month breeds confidence, understanding, love, support, friendship, laughter, trust, and many more great emotions, to many to list! So if you enjoy our meetings, just multiply those feelings about 40 to 50 times over and you have an NSA conference! Thank you to everyone for making our meetings such a great place to share, listen and support! As different and unique as we all are, stuttering bonds us, but doesn’t define us. It is only a piece of us and we chose how it can shape us. It also gives us the insight and can fuel the courage which often is empowering to the next person who reaches out. It’s nice to hear everyone’s input in addition to the support and encouragement throughout the meeting.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!

Oh yeah, remember our NY Mets event last year? Yup we’re bringing it back. Save the date Monday, August 29th (game starts at 7:10pm). More details to come.

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