March 2010

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I hope everyone enjoyed the snow! Now that we just had another storm it’s time to “dig out” and to to our Monday meeting for some more good times, great stories, and inspiring conversation .

I noticed a common theme that arose during our last meeting. People kept sharing frustrating experiences about listeners who just “didn’t get it” or interviewers who didn’t even want to meet face to face, instead judging someone based on a phone conversation alone. Another person who stutters (PWS) shared an experience at work in which a customer lost her patience and wanted help from someone else. A lot of people who stutter (PWS) may have encountered similar situations at some point in their lives. The trick here is how do we as PWS handle them, and more importantly, what do we take away from the experience. The answer is that there is no answer, that’s what makes us all so strong and unique in our own way. There may come a time when we might feel comfortable explaining to the listener what just happened and why. Of course, we all go at our own pace and comfort level, but remember that stepping out of your comfort zone will only make you stronger. What better place to try to step out of your comfort zone or practice then at our meetings. For those of you who have been using the group in such a way, “Congratulations!” and “Thank You!” for making our group so special.

I can only speak for myself and from my own experiences when I say that in many ways “sharing is caring” (Barney the Dinosaur, 1998). But seriously, you will not only be helping the listener to understand what’s going on, but you will also be paving the way for the next PWS. Our last meeting we spoke of how to contribute and feel a part of the stuttering community if you are not a professional. I feel like for me, what better way than to educate others about stuttering and explain that it’s just a piece of who we are and not the whole package. So remember next time that maybe, just maybe that sharing your knowledge or feelings about stuttering could impact many people after you, and that shows a lot of courage and caring from which others can benefit.

With that being said, come on out and join our gang. We keep getting BETTER and BETTER! Be supportive while being supported. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! We look forward to seeing everyone with a few new faces at the next meeting.

Please, please, PLEASE – RSVP for the meeting!! We really do rely on RSVPs to know our refreshment needs for the meeting. Please take 30 seconds and RSVP.

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